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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

In my last article for Resolution Magazine, I reviewed Conquest, a simultaneous turn based strategy game. And despite being sad about leaving Reso, I had a grand old time with this exciting game.

“WHAT ARE we going to do tomorrow Brain? The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world…. with the help of Proxy Studios and their latest undertaking: Conquest. Ok so it might not have been the exact phrasing from Pinky and The Brain’s script but it darn well should have been. Conquest is an outstanding indie simultaneous turn-based strategy game, with a very familiar structure. A lot of people say turn-based “dominate the world” strategy games are all the same, but not me. No no no. I will not RISK comparing it to other games. For the sake of our CIVILISATION (…. five…) I will stray from drawing such parallels.”

I feel blessed and lucky to have been on the writing team over at Resolution Magazine, amongst some of the most talented and hilarious writers I’ve ever known. Despite me being on the other side of the planet they took me under their respective wings and helped me at every given opportunity, and I hope one day to thank them for all they’ve given me. However that may be. I wish them all the best with their merge with BeefJack.com and look forward to seeing them prosper in the future. Much love, hombres.


Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

A review of ChronoRage for Resolution Magazine. Sneak peak:

“CHRONO RAGE by Anima Games is a space-themed shoot ‘em up where your main aim is to pass each of the 20 levels by annihilating absolutely everything in sight, until you’re the only thing left on the screen. You, in your cute little spaceship, you. Aren’t you adorable! You’re not allowed to meander your way through the level at your leisure though, you have a time limit in order to achieve this goal – and each time you take a hit from one of the enemies you’re docked 30 seconds, making your time to clear the level even tighter. With several game modes to keep you busy, and a whopping 21 achievements, it’s a game filled with the opportunity to sink a hell of a lot of time into if you’re inclined for something a little different.”


Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Another Friday Freebie over at Resolution, Flight was a lovely little game I came across on Kongregate.

“FLIGHT IS a charming development from Armor Games that I fell across while cruising Kongregate. Your aim is to “Throw your paper plane, collect points, upgrade, (and) save the world”. Pretty big task for such a flimsy piece of aeronautical architecture, she cried. You start off with a fairly basic paper aeroplane (nothing to do with Angus and Julia Stone, unfortunately), some environmental features (acting as boosts) and the aim to go the longest distance possible before crashing or stalling. Through a little grinding and points-farming, you begin to earn money with which to upgrade to bigger and better flying machines. Your upgrades not only apply to your variety of craft, which can transmorph from simple school-yard paper glider into something resembling a Harrier jet, but also to the environment. Other upgrades affect fuel efficiency and capacity, engine boosts, inertia on the initial fling of the aircraft, and an adorable “mysterious and impractical upgrade probably not worth the money”. This however ends up being an essential part of getting the long distances required to score maximum moolah.”

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