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Friday, January 28th, 2011

Raskulls review is up at Reso as well, you should check it out! The game and the review. Grab some mates, a lot of grog, and have fun destroying each other during the multiplayer. It’s fun that can only be measured in tonnes.

“FROM THE fine folk at Halfbrick Studios who recently offered us Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash, and Age of Zombies on the iOS, comes the long-awaited first of their forays into the Xbox Live Arcade – Raskulls, a puzzle platformer come racing game that features adorable little characters with very pronounced skulls. Raskulls laughs at itself and asks you to laugh with it too, with personality injected into every available crevice via gratuitous spanks and whacks, including the constant throwing of bricks at people in the cutscenes (half-bricks, actually, see what they did there!) andcharming dialogue. Raskulls is adorably self-aware in that old school pantomime way (“What does it do?! It’s important to the plot that’s what it does!” “Pipe down love interest!”) that gives you the motivation to keep clearing levels in the single player campaign just to see what they’re going to say next. It’s that delectable mix of cutesy and difficult that make you think twice about calling it a kid’s game.”

The Undergarden

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Been slack with little old GIL, will start using it more as a blog instead of just a megaphone for other stuff soon. Exciting year ahead with no doubt lots of random musings due to fall out of my head. Now, a while ago I did a review of The Undergarden for Resolution Magazine, and here’s a chunk!

“THE UNDERGARDEN is a whimsical place, not quite underwater but not quite of the air either. It’s a unique ethereal place where these two familiar environments are blended into one. The occasional bubble noise and the blue serene nature of some of the backgrounds made me think the caves my little sprite was seemingly swimming around in and exploring were all underwater – before I came across currents that acted andsounded like wind. This left me with the impression that The Undergarden was not a place you could easily describe – a truly peculiar ecosystem. Either that or the sound work was sloppy.”

Global Game Jam 2011

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

This year the Melbourne chapter of the IGDA is organising, along with the help of Firemint And LaTrobe University, the Melbourne contingent of the Global Game Jam. This exciting event starts TOMORROW and sees a number of local game developers coming together to see how much they can create in 48 hours, all across the world, all at the same time. January 28-30 will see over 174 venues across the globe jam-packed (hurrr) full of devs trying to come together and make a game from scratch that is playable for a judging panel after 48 hours.

The Melbourne cohort compiles of nearly 80 student, indie, and professional developers, all ready to get their teeth stuck in to some game-flavoured-jam. After the YouTube keynote by Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy, Noby Noby Boy) at 5pm and receiving their mystery theme the jammers will get cracking on trying to make the best game possible in 2 days and 2 nights, all the while fighting off fatigue, hunger, and procrastination, and being distracted by luddites such as myself trying to get some interviews and an idea of how it’s all going. I may see a black eye in my future.

I’m lucky enough to be on the judging panel in some amazing company for this event (shhhh they don’t know how unimportant and uncool I am, don’t tell them) sitting on the jury with the likes of Tassos Stevens from Coney, Sam Mayo from Firemint, Donald from Level 3, and Academy Award winner Ben Britten from Tin Man Games. (That black eye may be coming sooner than predicted thanks to the previous sentence ;) )

I’m a firm believer in the strength of Melbourne’s indie community and I’m really excited to see what our local talent can come up with in 48 hours! You can read more infomation about the Global Game Jam itself and what is happening in Melbourne both at the IGDAM site, and the Global Game Jam’s main site.

See some of you there!

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