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We don’t need approval.

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

The mainstream media doesn’t “get” games.


They consider them the unwanted by-product of technological advancement — the D-List celebrity of all the entertainment mediums. This is NOT news. We’ve dealt with it as gamers since the very first person looked down their nose at Pong and said “Why?!”.

People passionate about games have all come across someone who didn’t “get” them and made no bones about informing them of such. (I even had a relative one holiday season ask me about my work before proclaiming “I don’t GET games” and then asked someone for the cricket score…) There are some people I’d never tell my profession to for fear of scorn and judgement. Very boring people but alas, people they still be.

It’s out there and we all know about it and we all do the hivemind groan in unison when something like this comes up and we all feign surprise before putting on our angry eyebrows to comment them into converting.

But you know what?

We don’t need to convert anyone.

I’ve had enough of wanting games to be taken seriously by the mainstream media (or the mainstream for that matter). They are taken seriously by the people that matter and everyone else can do whatever it is they enjoy doing with their spare time. (I dunno, fun-ruining or something I guess? Maybe stealing ice-creams from babies.)

We do not need the approval of the conventional, ordinary or everyman. (Actually part of me wants to say it’s something to be completely avoided but I try not to listen to her, she likes to burn things). So let’s stop pining for it, shall we?

Sure, there are benefits to being “accepted” by the big guys, there really are. Funding comes to mind. Getting funding for projects where games are treated as a legitimate art form would be GROUSE. Conversing at family functions or high school reunions would be a lot easier too. But it’s coming. Not through converting ignorant bloggers one by one or getting into shit-slinging matches in the comments or resorting to social media lynchings. Some people don’t get it, and that’s fine.

The good work being done in game development speaks for itself and soon it will speak loud enough for even the everyman to hear. We don’t need to keep trying to sell it to them or tell them it’s good. Just as some need to piss on the electric fence themselves to find out it hurts, let some people have the first gaming experience that rocks their socks that they discover in their own time, when they’re ready.

We don’t need their approval. We don’t need the pat on the head from Father saying we did a great job. We’re doing a great job and if we didn’t think so we’d be working somewhere else. Because people aren’t into what you’re into doesn’t make it any less awesome. It doesn’t make you any less awesome. Love what you love and do what you do.

If you’re in a server full of douchebags, just put them on mute and go about what you were going to do anyway.

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