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News: Rumours flying over PVZ2

(6) July 10th, 2010

Oh. Em. Gee.

This teaser image was released today, generating a vigorous squee surely heard by my neighbours and all the dogs within a 2km radius.

If you’ve read my Plants vs Zombies review you’d know how much I adored the original game, and the prospect of a sequel has me candidly giddy. Is it a sequel though? It could be an update to the existing game, which would still be cause for celebration, boy howdy. The wedding theme has my imagination running wild, the “save the date” card, the love hearts over the Golden Gate bridge. Perhaps it’s a new setting? The zombies coming down the aisle towards the bride and groom for some marital-flavoured brains? Why San Fran? Maybe it’s a groom and groom…? Either way, I’m super excited to hear from PopCap next month to see what this franchise is up to.

The mind wanders. (Slowly, kinda shuffling. Arms outstretched. Braaaaaains.)

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6 Responses to “News: Rumours flying over PVZ2”

  1. Hawky says:

    So, is it worth playing the first one now on steam, or wait till the second one comes out and buy the bundle?

  2. Leena says:

    I don’t know much about the steam version but I’d say it would be worth getting it now, Hawky.

    I just thought also, maybe its not a sequel or an update but a retail console release? Perhaps we’re going to see PVZ for DS or even Wii? I shall resume squeeing.

  3. Ceylon says:

    PVZ for DS would be amazing! I’m hoping you called it, ’cause I want.

  4. Nirvesta says:

    Yeah I have the steam version, not the iphone one. Still a bucketload of fun mate.

    Heh cheers for the info Leena, first i’ve heard of PvZ2.

  5. Morkai says:

    i bought the first on iPhone when i got mine last year, and got it on steam a few weeks ago when it was on sale, and would most likely do the same whenever PVZ2 comes out

  6. Kiria says:

    As a fearful resident of the SF Bay Area, I’m rather alarmed to receive warning of such a zombie invasion so near in the future. >.>

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