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The Undergarden

(0) January 28th, 2011

Been slack with little old GIL, will start using it more as a blog instead of just a megaphone for other stuff soon. Exciting year ahead with no doubt lots of random musings due to fall out of my head. Now, a while ago I did a review of The Undergarden for Resolution Magazine, and here’s a chunk!

“THE UNDERGARDEN is a whimsical place, not quite underwater but not quite of the air either. It’s a unique ethereal place where these two familiar environments are blended into one. The occasional bubble noise and the blue serene nature of some of the backgrounds made me think the caves my little sprite was seemingly swimming around in and exploring were all underwater – before I came across currents that acted andsounded like wind. This left me with the impression that The Undergarden was not a place you could easily describe – a truly peculiar ecosystem. Either that or the sound work was sloppy.”

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