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Elitists Shit Me Off

(0) February 22nd, 2011

Elitists shit me off. I’m so much wiser and awesomer than those losers.

I donned my RantyPants™ after someone ate all the bacon started hating all over the place. This particular rant was an editorial piece for Reso, entitled “Elitists and the fools who tolerate them“. Here’s a delicious rasher.

“RELIGION. IT’S a pretty intense topic. In fact even writing that word on a publication such as this is giving me the willies. As it should be, there’s a reverence toward a person’s religion, it’s handled with kid gloves, delicately as if it may break. Most (reasonable) people will respect other’s religions and handle the topic with sensitivity, grace, and respect. If you’re having a discussion about how you feel about the origins of the universe, our species, or the world, and someone disagrees with you on a fundamental basic belief, most of us will politely disagree, but make sure to point out that “Of course you’re free to believe whatever you like. This is just how I feel”. We’re taught from a young age that many different people believe many different things, and we should be at all times civil and courteous, never disrespecting someone so much as to be confrontational about something so personal.

So what the hell happened?”

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