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(0) February 23rd, 2011

In my last article for Resolution Magazine, I reviewed Conquest, a simultaneous turn based strategy game. And despite being sad about leaving Reso, I had a grand old time with this exciting game.

“WHAT ARE we going to do tomorrow Brain? The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world…. with the help of Proxy Studios and their latest undertaking: Conquest. Ok so it might not have been the exact phrasing from Pinky and The Brain’s script but it darn well should have been. Conquest is an outstanding indie simultaneous turn-based strategy game, with a very familiar structure. A lot of people say turn-based “dominate the world” strategy games are all the same, but not me. No no no. I will not RISK comparing it to other games. For the sake of our CIVILISATION (…. five…) I will stray from drawing such parallels.”

I feel blessed and lucky to have been on the writing team over at Resolution Magazine, amongst some of the most talented and hilarious writers I’ve ever known. Despite me being on the other side of the planet they took me under their respective wings and helped me at every given opportunity, and I hope one day to thank them for all they’ve given me. However that may be. I wish them all the best with their merge with BeefJack.com and look forward to seeing them prosper in the future. Much love, hombres.

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