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Tin Man Games

(0) February 23rd, 2011

At MMGN I’m doing a weekly feature called the MMGN Monday Indie where I interview an indie developer each week to get a look inside the industry and see what it’s like to be the little guy just doing what he loves. My first such interview was a twofer as we had both Neil Rennison and Ben Britten from Tin Man Games.

Check it!

“Each Monday MMGN contributor Leena be delving into the world of indie by interviewing a chosen independent developer. First up, Leena had a chat with Neil Rennison and Ben Britten from Tin Man Games, who make the outstanding Gamebook Adventures series. Neil started out as a 3D modeller, working freelance for a number of years while creating his own game art outsourcing company and starting Tin Man Games. Neil has over 20 published games under his belt. Ben takes care of the coding side of things, having been professionally coding for over 16 years. He moved to games about 5 years ago after working in the film industry previously and earning an Academy Award for Technical Achievement working on suspended 3D camera systems. Together they make a formidable team with Gamebook Adventures receiving critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase.”

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