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Is publishing dead?

(0) February 23rd, 2011

Over at MMGN.com I asked the community, “Is video game publishing dead?“. Spoilers: It’s not. Stop saying it is. Final warning! Don’t make me put my butt-kicking boots on.

“I’m hearing more and more people say things like, “Publishers are redundant now”, “Who needs a publisher anymore when we’ve got App Stores and the internet?” and “Ding dong the witch is dead!”, but I think it’s a fraction more complex than that… and I may have been paraphrasing that last one. Publishing is definitely changing as we wade further into the cyber age, and the games industry is no different. Independent game developer Terry Paton agrees. “The opportunities with the amount of publishing channels has never been better. We’re no longer limited to just a couple of ways to get our content out or managed”.

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