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Terry Paton

(0) February 23rd, 2011

Another Monday Indie for MMGN.com, this week I interviewed the champion that is Terry Paton! Full article here.

“Terry Paton is a passionate Flash game developer based in Sydney, who first started coding at the tender age of 11 on the ZX Spectrum. Around seven years ago he set himself a mighty goal: to make 100 games for people to play online. In late 2010 he achieved this goal and now has a veritable mountain of games underneath him. He sits atop this mountain with pride, but also a willingness to help other developers as much as he can. Terry’s games can be found on TerryPaton.com, and they can be downloaded to Android mobile devices through the Android Marketplace, downloaded to desktops through Adobe’s AIR Marketplace, as well as via Intel’s AppUp store. In 2010 he launched PixelPaton.com where he openly shares his process of making games as a resource for other game developers.”

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