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Alexander Bruce

(0) May 31st, 2011

MMGN Monday Indie Alexander Bruce over at MMGN.com!

“Alexander Bruce is a very proud man. The reason is because he’s made something a little bit special. In the way someone may introduce you to their newborn child, Alexander will gleefully stand by and explain how his game works with all the gusto and enthusiasm you’d expect from a new parent. Still in the process of giving birth (ew) to his yet-unfinished game Hazard – The Journey of Life, he’s taken some time to talk about his creation and the indie game developer lifestyle in general. He’s taken this creation around the world to game conferences and has a tidy little shelf of accolades for this game, described as a “MAWPFPSPEPAG” (Multi-Award-Winning-Philosophical-First-Person-Single-Player-Exploration-Puzzle-Art-Game). None of those accolades were for inventing a genre with the longest acronym, but they damn well should have been. What his accolades were for however, was having a unique idea and actually running with it. Also maybe some for the pink suit.”

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