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Lunar Giant

(0) May 31st, 2011

MMGN Monday Indie at MMGN.com, Lunar Giant!

“Brace yourselves, kids. Normally the Monday Indie is a segment on MMGN where we have a chat with local developers about all things indie, but this week we’re coming over all stars and stripesy! That’s right, we’ve got a few guys from Lunar Giant, based in Batavia, Illinois. The American perspective proves to be an interesting one as we discuss games development with Adam Eidukas and Jay Margalus. Lunar Giant are out to build ambitious, solidly designed and professionally made games with a retro-gaming flair by drawing from their experiences as avid gamers, be it tabletop, board, video or card. One thing I’m loving about the guys from Lunar Giant is their focus on fanbase feedback and being involved in the community – trying to work with them to provide something really special. But enough about that, you should hear it from the guys themselves!”

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