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Ted #1

(0) May 4th, 2012

Ted Hargraves is a bit of a catch. He’s a young adult, he’s healthy, and has 5 personality traits anyone would want in their dream man. Or even themselves. He’s Friendly, a Genius, Neat, a Hopeless Romantic, and has a Good Sense of Humour. He wants to be a professional author, and his favourite food is ratatouille. He’s a Taurus that likes green, and indie music. What’s not to like? I wish I was as cool as Ted Hargraves.

On Saturday in Sunset Valley, Ted became a homeowner! He never thought he’d be so lucky, but thanks to a small set-up fund from the government he was able to buy a humble 1 bedroom 1 bathroom house called “The Monotone”, at 72 Waterlily Lane. It’s not much, but at §16,230 fully-furnished, it’s bang in his §16,500 budget. Hopefully the remaining 250 simoleans lasts him long enough to find his dream job. A new start in a new life.

Once in his new abode, Ted pondered buying some things to make his house a home, but with only §250 in the bank thought better of it. You know what’s free? Sleep! Ted had a nap at 11am on Saturday and almost slept through a visit from some Sunset Valley residents wanting to welcome him to the neighbourhood. I didn’t wake him up.

The neighbours kind of loitered a while, I guess they weren’t going to give up that easily. 2 hours passed. Awkward. Ted woke up and wandered outside bleary-eyed to see what the people wanted.

Ted stood there in front of everyone and watched them talk to each other. No one introduced themselves to him, he was invisible in front of his own front door. Finally Ted took it upon himself to introduce himself to Erin, once a lull in her conversation with Simis Bachelor arose.

Erin thinks Ted is okay.

I guess it got to “that time” of day where everyone wanted to go home, so people started saying goodbye. Everyone was cordial and friendly except for Simis Bachelor, who weirdly kicked over Ted’s garbage can before leaving in a huff. What the eff, dude? Who shat in his cornflakes? Maybe it was because Ted spoke to Erin?

Ted was then thrust into super awkwardness when Simis had to wait out the front for his ride. After kicking over his garbage can. It was a bit like yelling “I said good DAY sir!” and having to wait for an elevator before properly making your exit. No one spoke. He waited 28 minutes. Ted stood at his front door, Simis was on the curb. The garbage can was near the letterbox. They stood there. Looking at each other.

Simis is a bit of a douchebag.

After that weirdness, Ted went inside to try and find a job in the classifieds. Hopefully earning some decent money could mean a move to a neighbourhood completely void of Simis Bachelors and their garbage-can-kicking ways. What a douche.

Ted really wants to be a professional author, but none of the jobs in the paper today are anywhere close. A job in the Science Career as a Test Subject? The idea of being the next Bruce Banner wasn’t exactly inspiring Ted’s creative juices. Still, §44 per hour. Surely they wouldn’t do anything too horrible? Law Enforcement as a Snitch. §40 per hour. Sounds intense. Not without its risks either. Medical Career, as an organ donor?! Are you freaking kidding me? §22 per hour and possibly the loss of several favourite organs. (Don’t pretend you don’t have a favourite organ).

Nothing. Ted will try again tomorrow. There’s no point slugging away day in day out at some crappy job. He’ll have no time for his writing then before he knows it he’ll be 50 and still there. Life’s short but the life of a Sim is even shorter.

That evening Ted sold some ugly furniture to make some extra cash. If the job hunt proves this bleak for much longer, he should be okay. Bank account now sitting at §820, and he bought himself a TV.

Just for the noise.

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