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Ted #2

(0) May 14th, 2012

Not sure if the TV was a good idea or not, for Ted. The minute it was in the house he was pulled to it, unable to look away. But the noise was comforting and believe it or not he was learning things. Nothing too intense, but it can’t make you dumber, right? At least the risk of garbage-can-related tantrums is lower.

Before Ted knew it, 3 hours had passed with him watching the tube. There was a cute girl in pink spandex working out on one channel. A food show on another. A station with explosions. A station with yelling. I think it was Cops. Ted forgot to eat. Finally the hunger pains grew too strong and he walked to the fridge to see what he could make for dinner. It’s 8:30pm.

Ted’s cooking skills aren’t quite up to making his favourite food — ratatouille — but he decided on trying something basic like Mac n Cheese. It’s simple but it’s warm. And cheesy. If the job search takes a long time he should really invest some time in improving his cooking skills. There’s nothing like retiring to the kitchen after a hard day’s work to make some good old fashioned comfort food.

Ted’s lack of skill became all-too-apparent all-too-quickly as he got further into the dish. Ted’s no Masterchef. It’s taking ages to make. It shouldn’t take this long. It’s 9:50pm and Ted burns the meal.


Ted really needs to make every simolean count until he can lock in a job that even remotely inspires him. He doesn’t have much choice, he decides to eat it anyway. Better than going to bed hungry.

Tired, frazzled, and with a fairly rancid meal in his stomach he decides to shower and call it a night. At least he didn’t cut himself or burn the house down. Really should read up on cooking.

Spitting out zeds by midnight, Ted dreamt of the house, and cooking. And flies.

And tanks.

Tanks are awesome.

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