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Amy #2

(0) May 19th, 2012

At 6am Amy woke to the delightful sounds of birds chirping and car doors closing as people began their commute to work for the day. Being the neat freak she is, she diligently made her bed and shuffled into the kitchen to make some breakfast.

Toast and jam. Awesome.

7:20am rolls around and Amy feels like watching the tewbs a bit. In her jim jams. Because she’s a grown up and can do whatever the hell she likes! Yeah!

What? Bills in the letterbox at 8:20am?! Ugh! Being a grown up isn’t all jim jams and toast and jam.

At 10am Amy turned the TV off and did some tidying up. She recycled yesterdays paper, and laughed at the bin. Crazy bins. What even are they?!

11:45 sees Amy’s fervent return to the window. I’m starting to worry about that. It’s odd. She stares out the window until 2:30pm. That’s a really long time to be staring out a window. What is she looking at? Is she pining for the outside world? Maybe she should go for a walk later. Just for the air and to check out the neighbourhood. Why haven’t any neighbours come to visit?

Even though her hygiene bar is still over half full Amy decides to jump in the shower. She was far from woofy, but I think it was just an excuse to get out of her PJs. She sang in the shower in Simlish. Sounded like she was having a fantastic time. I wish I could understand the lyrics. It sounded a bit like James Brown. She gives good funk.

Refreshed and ready to face the day, she’s plucked up the courage to pay the bills that arrived that morning – a rattling reminder that funds are limited. Better pay the bills then get right onto the job search. Bills come to §84, leaving §656 in the bank account. Should be enough to live off until a job comes along. Staring at the letterbox puts her in a great mood. Of course it does…

Job search today seems equally fruitless:
Music career, a fan. §21 p/h.
Culinary career, Kitchen Scullion. §25 p/h.
Military career, Latrine Cleaner. §40 p/h.

40 Simoleans an hour!? God that’s tempting. But there’ll be no time for writing. In a Military career all spare time would be spent researching and keeping in shape, surely? Not that desperate yet. There’s enough in the bank to wait it out. For now.

Back inside, Amy turns the TV on for a few hours before deciding on some dinner. These bills and job searches and grownup responsibilities are getting too heavy. She decides to have ice cream for dinner. Take that, childhood! Throwing out the empty tub fills the bin inside, so she decides to take the rubbish out to her upright non-molested garbage bin. In true Amy style, staring at the bin makes her happy.

To bed at 11pm, per chance to dream of babies, ghosts, death, gravestones, wedding cake, and dragons. Fuck yeah, dragons.

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