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Amy #3

(2) May 29th, 2012

At 8:30am on Tuesday, Amy woke and made her bed. She took herself off to the toilet (ya hear that, Ted?) and started wondering about the day ahead when the toilet wouldn’t flush properly. It was clogged. She screamed and cursed the skies. Not the greatest start to the day.

Ignoring the toilet, she calms down with some toast and jam in her jim jams. While Amy’s noshing away on her breakfast that frankly makes me hungry, I take a moment to have a look at the HUD. Her current promise is “Make friends with someone”, for +450 happiness points. I also noticed something that took me by surprise, she has a want that I can choose to promise to her, a want for a job in Law Enforcement. +400 happiness points. But that’s not writing? Is she getting desperate? She seems to want to settle for a job other than her life’s calling. I don’t know whether to let her or not. I’ll give it another day to think about it. She looks at the bin and points at it in an accusatory manner, telling it off. Crazy bins.

At 10:30 she took herself off to the shower (TED, SERIOUSLY) and I had a look at one of the icons in the HUD, it was this yellow cute little emoticon face, and it was for “Fascinated”. “Some Sims take joy in the things ordinary Sims might otherwise overlook” +10 to mood for the next 2 hours. I wonder what particular character trait of Amy’s is responsible for this. Was it a creative decision to make Genius’s do this? Are they saying smart people stop to smell the roses? Perhaps it’s because she’s a Hopeless Romantic. Or a Taurus. Either way, she’s been labelled extraordinary already.

My attention is quickly grabbed by a decrease in her mood and a speedy exit from the shower. The water’s gone cold. Apparently a cheap shower is to blame and an upgrade would assist the situation. Something tells me bathroom renovations aren’t really in the budget right now.

As Amy leaves the shower and gets dressed, she glances over to the toilet. Bummed as if reminded by the bung loo, she sighs. She better do something about that soon. Should call a repairman. §50 she could do with keeping. She slouches and is visibly bleak before suddenly declared to be “having a blast” when she remembered she had a TV. Amy watched from 11:30am to 2pm, then turned the tele off, looked around, and turned it back on again until 4pm. A notification pops up to say there’s a Chess Tournament happening in town. Yeah but this cooking show is pretty rad.

Her social bar is low. -15 to mood. She’s lonely. She turns off the tele at 4:30 and while she doesn’t seem to have plans I suggest she try and unclog the toilet. It bums her out but it has to be done. Bums. Toilet. Oy vey.

She even begins to get Logic skill points out of it. Amy is super proud of herself for a moment as she wipes her brow. She just saved §50 by not having to call a repairman! But her celebration is soon interrupted by a frantic panic where she imagines a world without TV! Terrifying stuff.

But then looking down at her bathroom rug makes her happy.

An emotional god-damn roller-coaster at Amy’s today.

She looks out the window as someone walks past. It’s dusk. I almost expect her to press her hand against the glass. Amy’s pretty lonely.

2 Responses to “Amy #3”

  1. Rae says:

    Please, never stop doing ths. It’s lovely and hilarious.

  2. Leena says:

    Thanks Rae! Glad you like it. ;) Ageing is turned on, so eventually they will become elderly and then pass on, but I have plans for when that happens to make an Evil Genius and see if being good makes them feel bad. :P

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