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Amy #4

(0) June 4th, 2012

Hunger pangs grab Amy right in the guts as she makes her way to the fridge. She’s never cooked herself a meal. The stove is pristine. She always grabs whatever is easiest from the fridge. Toast and jam, cereal, things she can just take without having to prepare. I wonder if Sims ever get constipated. She’s heading that way if they do. She’s chosen ice cream for dinner again. Grown ups, yo. They can do whatever the hell they want.

Back to the goddamn window again. Oh for fuck’s sake, Amy.

Her social bar is ludicrously low and she hasn’t had any neighbours pop by to meet, so she can’t call anyone on the phone for a chat. She’s getting lonelier by the minute. Her mood is starting to be effected.

She saved herself §50 by unclogging the toilet herself so maybe she deserves a little something special. A way to get to know people while in her own home. She has §740 in the bank, so I decide to get her a computer as a present. I sell the ugly concrete structures in the dining area and the two lamps from the lounge, bringing the bank account up to §1,084. From this I get the cheapest desk available (§150), the cheapest chair (§50), and the cheapest computer (§800). §84 left in the account. Risky maybe for someone with no job, but _anything_ to stop her window-gazing. Honestly, who does that?!

It doesn’t take long before she runs in to check out the new desk, and of course it’s the coolest thing that has ever happened to anyone ever. She claps and hoots and hollers, and says “BLEEEEEE!”. She looked it up and down and smiled so big I thought she was going to sprain a pixel. She pulls out the chair and gets right to chatting online. I didn’t have to tell her to.

Her social bar is slowly rising. She’s made a friend called Erin. She seems nice. A notificaton pops up that says “Amy learned that Erin is single”. Interesting. Just how nice _is_ Erin? Perhaps she could be more than a friend. Only time will tell. But that’s getting ahead of things. For now, Amy’s satisfied with some basic human interaction. This is the downside to not having a job, the isolation. Got to get onto that job hunt tomorrow. Money is only going to get tighter.

At 10:30pm she turns the computer off. Her social bar is stellar. She has +20 to mood for “new stuff” as she heads off to bed. I think she’s going to be okay, and hopefully between the TV and the computer she’ll have no use for wistfully longing out the window anymore. She dreams mainly of her computer, along with money, ideas, and clowns.

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