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Amy #5

(0) June 16th, 2012

It’s Wednesday, Amy wakes up at 7:30am and jumps straight in the shower. There’s §84 in her account. Bills cost about that much. If she can’t pay her bills a debt collector will come, probably going straight for her shiny new computer. A notification pops up “Uh oh, there’s only one day left to pay the bill in the amount of §84”, with an option to ignore or pay the bill now. I choose pay bill now. The bank account is at §0. Pretty sure there’s another bill in the letterbox waiting to be paid, too. The time of waiting for the perfect writing job is over. It’s “take whatever you can get” time now.

She goes to her computer to chat online, presumably a little bummed about the lack of funds. I suggest she start her job search when she’s finished. She cancels the chat and goes straight to the job search. I felt like she knew it was a better use of her time.

Medical Career – Organ Donor
Organs are kinda cool though… §22 per hour. Her organs are definitely worth more than that.
9am – 3pm MTWTF__

Culinary Career – Kitchen Scullion
Shitty hours, shitty pay, no chance of writing, no leisurely weekends. §25 p/h.
3pm – 9pm MT__FSS

Law Enforcement Career – Snitch
It’s not writing but could make for good inspiration later? §40 p/h.
9am – 3pm MTWTF__

Science Career – Test Subject
I heard once this guy took this job, and then he got attacked by lab monkeys. True story. §44 per hour.
9am – 2:30pm MTWTF__

Music Career – Fan
Perhaps a career in music journalism? Does Rolling Stone have room for rug-gigglers, window-gazers and bin-laughers? §21 p/h.
3pm – 9pm MT_TFS_

I’m thinking Amy would like the danger involved with being a snitch. She’s very bright (a Genius actually) and it’s hard to make her feel like the world is on top of her. Perhaps law enforcement will give her some good material for her novel when she’s finally a professional author? Getting down in the nitty gritty world of the mafia, or busting a huge drug cartel or whistleblowing on some massive conglomerate. It seems the most exciting for sure. She’ll have to spy on people.

Out windows?

Could this be? Could Amy turn her love for staring wistfully out windows into a career?!


Amy takes the role of “Snitch” in a Law Enforcement career, and starts work tomorrow. But for now, it’s time for some online chatting.

She makes a new friend, Pauline, and learns that she’s in a relationship with Hank. Relationship status seems to be the only thing she’s learning about people. Is it because she’s scoping for singles, or is it that it’s the first thing everyone puts out there? At 11:30 am she turns the computer off. It seemed quite sudden. She learned Pauline was in a relationship and then lost interest in being on the computer?

Amy recycles a newspaper and goes to the bathroom. In the bathroom she cleans the toilet until it’s sparkling. When she’s finished she checks out the rug and says “Laloog!”. She then looks like she’s doing really hard sums before exclaiming “Blanay!” and walking off.

She goes back to the computer to chat online at 1:45pm and smashes her head on the keyboard, yelling. Something’s bothering her. A thought-bubble came up of people holding hands. She wants to be in a relationship? Quite badly by the looks. She kept chatting and seemed to calm down. A few hours into chatting she makes a new friend, Jack.

Jack’s in a relationship with Judy.

She turns the computer off and sits there. She doesn’t get up. 3 minutes pass as she’s staring at the blank screen of the computer.

She turns the computer back on and plays some videogames.

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