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For (not so) immediate release

(2) August 31st, 2012

Studio behind “Liam van Deventer” to be embarking on a new project, due March 2013.

After the release of “Liam van Deventer” to great critical success in May 2008, the studio has been keeping very quiet, saying they would “alert press when appropriate” of a new franchise. Since then the development team have been focused on making improvements to Liam, applying patches, updates, and providing ongoing support. Occasional challenges arose soon after release where some minor bugfixes were administered, but no time was spent offline. 2010 saw some engine issues, but an overhaul of their “Discipline™” engine and a firmware upgrade soon saw added stability, and reduced load on the servers. 4 years later it’s revealed that they’re working on another product.

Using existing proprietary tools that have proven to be successful in the past, the studio has embarked on a new journey, revolutionizing the way we play, and the dynamic of the team.

According to sources close to the studio, this new IP has been in development as far back as June 2012. Given that it’s now 3 months since that date, there is little to show to the public, and the tight-lipped studio is supplying only one screenshot to tide us through until closer to release.

“The team are expecting to see some expansions” said Leena van Deventer, designer. “Especially on the front end. I’ve alerted the team to keep an eye on the back end and make sure we don’t see the same kind of bloating we did with Liam’s development. It got a little crazy.” She goes on to explain “We have a strict 40 week deadline, after which extreme measures will be taken to ship the product as soon as humanly possible. Liam had a 41 week development cycle and we are not wanting to repeat the same pattern again”.

Co-designer Bart van Deventer declined comment, saying he hadn’t been involved as much since the pre-production phase (where his input was integral), but will be focusing on post-release support.

Fans of Liam van Deventer are excited about the news, but have said they won’t stop playing with Liam after release.

2 Responses to “For (not so) immediate release”

  1. Meg Betteridge says:

    I can’t wait to see further developed screenshots!

  2. Dan Donahoo says:

    This is the best announcement ever!

    Tres cool.

    Plus, I didn’t know we both had Liams.

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