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(0) February 28th, 2013

When I was about 10, I was playing with a girl that lived in my grandparent’s court. She was a bit mischievous, but then so was I. For the sake of anonymity, let’s call her “Schmebbie”. Schmebbie and I were riding our bikes around the court on a STINKING hot day, and suddenly got the awesome idea to go down to the milk bar and buy some kind of ice cream, to cool us down. My mind started racing with the options ahead of me. Maybe I’d try something different. Maybe I don’t have to get a golden gaytime EVERY time I go to the milk bar. We scattered, seeking permission, her to her house and me to my grandparents. The general consensus was we’d be driven there by my grandparents if we waited a little bit. So we continued to play in the court.

Until Schmebbie decided to go rogue. Bored of waiting, she started kicking rocks around. Then she picked them up and threw them. She thought it was funny to throw them over the fence onto the grumpy old couple’s shed roof. I guess it did make a cool noise. I didn’t throw any though, didn’t really see the appeal. Plus all my energy was going into thinking about what ice cream I was going to get. Pine splice. Holy god.

Suddenly the grumpy man came storming outside (rightfully) pissed that these kids were throwing rocks at his stuff. He grabbed us both by our respective ears and marched us home. I got in trouble. Schmebbie got in trouble. We were separated for the rest of the day, and I was made to stay inside.

No trip to the milk bar. No ice cream. All because Schmebbie let me down, man. Bear with me here, there’s a point, I promise.

I don’t normally do this, but I’d like to draw your attention to something that you might want to help out with. Transmedia extraordinaire Christy Dena, along with Craig Peebles, Trevor Dikes, and Simon Howe have got together to make this pretty amazing sounding experience, that unless it gets funding, I won’t get to play.

That’s right. I’m going to miss out, if you do a Schmebbie and let me down. IT’S THE ICE CREAM ALL OVER AGAIN.

Except this time it’s exponentially cooler.

AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS is a “web audio adventure” for iPad. I know right? Christy Dena is the designer and writer behind the project, and she was inspired by a Da Vinci Code audio tour of the Louvre in France. Instead of some dry “and this is where Tom Hanks sneezed one time” approach, the audio tour surprised her. As she put the headphones in and saw people making their way upstairs to start the tour, Dena was pleasantly surprised that she was being told to skip the stairs and turn left towards a service elevator. It all suddenly got a little bit secret, and a little bit fun. In the bowels of the Louvre, Christy’s mind started racing.

She then started musing on the idea of doing something sort of similar, but on the web instead of a restricted physical space. Also adding in elements of radio drama and fiction, AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS looks to have a massive scope. Being lead through the internet by a guide, not knowing where I’m going next? Sign me the eff up, I thought. So when a Pozible campaign was launched to finish off the project, I threw my money at it pretty hard. They have a $15,000 target, and around 40 hours left to reach that, or Schmebbie wins.

So this is a personal plea: If you have a few spare dollars please direct them toward this awesome sounding project. Because Schmebbie stole the ice cream that was rightfully mine when I was 10. Also because a lot of hard working people are making something pretty special that I think will be really unique and worth experiencing. But mostly the ice cream.

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