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Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Hey! Hire me!
If you want. You don’t have to. It’s cool. We could have some fun though.

Hire me because I’m having fun writing about stuff. And because it makes my life sunnier.

Hire me because you like them words I done.

Hire me because when I have the right editor I shine. Super shiny-like.

Hire me because I don’t take offense easily, and know you mean well when you want to change stuff. Most of the time. Except when you’re wrong.

Hire me because I work from home and can get things done outside the 9-5.

Hire me because I haven’t found my voice yet and finding it is exciting and fun.

Hire me because occasionally I’m funny (usually by accident), but most of the time I’m giving it a red hot crack.

Don’t hire me because you need “boobs” on the staff.

Don’t hire me because you want a big banner across the top with a picture of a chick on it.

Don’t hire me because you want me to fit in a certain mould. I don’t know what I am yet.

Don’t hire me on a strength you think I might have, but actually don’t.

Don’t hire me because I can really fill out a sweater. (I can though, like a boss)

Don’t hire me without reading anything I’ve written.

Don’t ask for a picture to see what I look like before choosing whether to hire me or not.

Don’t hire me for anything less or anything more than the letters I put together and the order in which I arrange them. Please. I used my manners, goddamnit.

These last few weeks have been interesting in many ways. Doors are being opened as opposed to me using the old “universal key” to barge them open. Work offers come in, voluntary positions come in, most of the time it’s a whole mess of fun and it’s making me happier than I ever thought I would be doing something like this. I’m doing a little more on my own, especially with writing creatively. I’ve written a few songs in the last weeks, started a (bad) screenplay, and done a few little poems. All to help me get through Writer’s Block (which is more “Nothing-you-do-is-good-enough-you’re-out-of-your-goddamn-mind even-trying” block). That Writer’s Block leads to a bit of Wallet Block as well, evidently. As most people, I’d imagine, I’m always keeping an eye on ways to make a bit more cash.

Except prostitution. I probably draw the line there.

What I’m finding though is that I’m getting a lot of jobs because of my gender, and this is making me more uncomfortable as I go along. Some might cheer and say “Yay! ‘Bout time! More women writers, Woo!” some others might say it makes sense considering people’s views on what the audience is (regardless of its accuracy). At first I thought “Sweet, anything to get a foot in the door, that shit’s hard yo”. I didn’t go on photo shoots in skimpy clothes or try and really “use it” to my advantage. There’s a lot of that out there, and it works. If I was concerned with hits and whatnot I’m sure I could have done much more to get some attention. But I guess I did just commit to prostitution being a no-no just then.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Or the boob, perhaps. Just to keep that going.

It’s all indicative of a problem all women face at some point in their life. They’re judged on their appearance even when the task/job they’ve been given doesn’t require anything to do with looks. It’s everywhere, not just writing, and certainly not just games writing. It sucks, it’s there, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

But gamers are a special breed. We have the ability to instantly stop tolerating anything less than the best from our games. We have standards. We have constructs that define genres, gameplay mechanics, rules. We’re a fussy bunch, and when a great game comes out anything similar to it that arrives soon after has mighty big boots to fill.

I want that to apply to how we hold ourselves. What we put up with in our communities. How we choose our news outlets and our games blogs and media. Choose sites that don’t make a big deal out of the gender of their writers or the people on their video content. Avoid anything that talks about rating the hotness of booth babes or said writers/video presenters. Avoid anything that involves paying attention to anyone that scrunches up her adorable nose and says “tee hee!”. Don’t read something just because someone is a girl. Don’t read something just because someone is a hot girl. Don’t value someone’s writing because they’re nice to look at. You don’t have to look at them and read at the same time. Which is great, because that would be pretty hard.

Can we stop making a big deal out of females in the industry yet? There’s heaps of them. Like, HEAPS. Let’s move on to celebrating the writing and not the genitals, shall we? I know genitals are amazing and all that, and don’t even get me started on boobs, but surely we can say we’ve done that now? Lead the way, way leaders. Stop giving a shit.

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