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Preview: Monster Dash

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Ten days from now on August 19th, we’ll see the latest iPhone game from Australian iPhone development staples, Halfbrick. The wonderful folk who delivered Fruit Ninja are taking us on a new exciting journey where protagonist Barry Steakfries clashes with mummies, vampires and demons through many exotic worlds that you travel to via awesome-sounding portals.

With a name like Barry Steakfries and using weapons such as a Machine-Gun Jetpack (I KNOW RIGHT!), a ‘pacifier’ and something called ‘Mr. Zappy’, you know he’s going to bring the pain in epic proportions. You use two buttons to control Bazza, shoot and jump. By using these actions and running through the worlds making a mess of a multitude of monsters, you amass awards and gain high scores you can share on the popular OpenFeint leaderboard service.

If the popularity of Fruit Ninja is an indication of the kind of quality we should expect from Monster Dash (cue Monster Mash reference), this could be a very very cool game. Trailer can be found here. I look forward to giving it a shot!

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