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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

A review of ChronoRage for Resolution Magazine. Sneak peak:

“CHRONO RAGE by Anima Games is a space-themed shoot ‘em up where your main aim is to pass each of the 20 levels by annihilating absolutely everything in sight, until you’re the only thing left on the screen. You, in your cute little spaceship, you. Aren’t you adorable! You’re not allowed to meander your way through the level at your leisure though, you have a time limit in order to achieve this goal – and each time you take a hit from one of the enemies you’re docked 30 seconds, making your time to clear the level even tighter. With several game modes to keep you busy, and a whopping 21 achievements, it’s a game filled with the opportunity to sink a hell of a lot of time into if you’re inclined for something a little different.”

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