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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Another Friday Freebie over at Resolution, Flight was a lovely little game I came across on Kongregate.

“FLIGHT IS a charming development from Armor Games that I fell across while cruising Kongregate. Your aim is to “Throw your paper plane, collect points, upgrade, (and) save the world”. Pretty big task for such a flimsy piece of aeronautical architecture, she cried. You start off with a fairly basic paper aeroplane (nothing to do with Angus and Julia Stone, unfortunately), some environmental features (acting as boosts) and the aim to go the longest distance possible before crashing or stalling. Through a little grinding and points-farming, you begin to earn money with which to upgrade to bigger and better flying machines. Your upgrades not only apply to your variety of craft, which can transmorph from simple school-yard paper glider into something resembling a Harrier jet, but also to the environment. Other upgrades affect fuel efficiency and capacity, engine boosts, inertia on the initial fling of the aircraft, and an adorable “mysterious and impractical upgrade probably not worth the money”. This however ends up being an essential part of getting the long distances required to score maximum moolah.”

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