Monday Was the Biggest Day of Selling Since Pandemic

Welcome to summer volatility! The past few weeks have seen some wicked action in stocks. In fact, on Monday (according to my proprietary data: Big Money Index), markets saw the…

Cryptocurrency investor warns government oversight could create ‘bad regulation’

Chamber of Digital Commerce Chairman and cryptocurrency investor Matthew Roszak reacted to Lionel Messi receiving crypto payments from his transfer contract on FOX Business' \”Mornings with Maria\” Friday. Roszak said…

Volatile Market Conditions Could Drive Investors to Trade

Monday\’s trading brought volatility back into the markets just at a time when some investors were trying to forget that things like that ever happened. It was a wakeup call…

What Biden\’s OSHA Vaccine Mandate Means for Business

President Biden announced on Sept. 9, 2021, new steps designed to fight COVID-19 including a vaccination mandate for up to 80 million American workers. The mandate applies to companies with…

Intel reveals stake in cryptocurrency platform CoinBase

Intel Corp. revealed in regulatory filings Friday that it holds a small stake in burgeoning cryptocurrency platform CoinBase. The tech giant and chipmaker said in a 13F filing that it…

Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk Again Moves Crypto Prices

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk is at it again. The irrepressible entrepreneur, whose tweets are blamed for crashing the price of Bitcoin (BTCUSD) earlier this year, again moved prices…

Bitcoin Price Reverses Course, Crosses $40,000 After Weeks of Decline

Bitcoin is on the rise once again. The cryptocurrency’s price surged past $40,000, a figure it last touched on May 18. The increase marks a sharp reversal from Bitcoin’s recent…

China ETFs Bounce as State Media Seeks to Calm Nerves

Chinese stocks logged their first gains in four days on Wednesday, halting a sharp sell-off driven by concerns over tightening government regulation that saw $1.5 trillion slashed from Hong Kong…

Bitcoin higher early Monday as cryptocurrencies rise

The price of bitcoin was higher by nearly 3% early Friday morning, breaking the $47,000 plateau and continuing to rise since Friday. The price was around $47,160 per coin, while…

Ohio man pleads guilty to running $300 million bitcoin money laundering service

An Ohio man who operated a service to help launder hundreds of millions of dollars through the darknet pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a money laundering conspiracy charge, authorities announced.…

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